$97 Self Guided Rebranded Athlete Academy

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This self guided course is perfect for any elite athlete (college or professional) that are overwhelmed or lost about what's next in life after sports. Dr. Sarah has created the Rebranded Athlete Game Plan that will help you:

  • Gain confidence as you learn to create a game plan to pivot into the next chapter of your life.
  • Regulate your emotions and make your mental health a high priority.
  • Learn Strategies to create daily habits that will provide you with opportunities after sports.
  • An action plan that is proven to jumpstart you on figuring out your next steps after graduating.  
  • A Discord community of former college athletes that understand the importance of this transition and are alongside you
  • Small-time commitment, big impact! Go at your own pace, on your terms.

The Rebranded Athlete Game Plan:

Module 1- Pre-Game: Overview of the academy and preparing for life after sports

Module 2- 1st Quarter: Your Potential- learn about transferable skills, identify your core values and life lessons you attained from the game.

Module 3- 2nd Quarter: Your Purpose- Explore your identity outside of your sport by uncovering your innate strengths, discover your why and create a vision for your future.

Module 4- 3rd Quarter: Determine your Path- Learn about your limiting beliefs, your goals and priorities and create a plan for what's next.

Module 5- 4th Quarter: Pursue your next steps and take action! You will learn how to find your new team and create meaningful relationships as well as create your plan of action.

Module 6- Post Game: Learn how to measure your wins and create habits for success daily.

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This Academy is valued at $1500

Coaching modules
Discord Community
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$97 Self Guided Rebranded Athlete Academy

0 ratings
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